Joseph Kirshy practices primarily in criminal law but also handles many immigration cases. As a second generation American of Syrian and Italian families, Joseph is passionate and dedicated to the immigrant and refugee community.

Joseph has represented a broad array of felony and misdemeanor cases, ranging from simple traffic violations to major narcotics trafficking. Joseph is committed to aggressively defending his clients at each stage of their case and posses the skills and determination necessary to obtain a the most positive outcome. Joseph understands that any criminal or immigration case can be a scariest moment in someone’s life and he strives to provide the most caring, compassionate and high quality representation to meet every families needs.

Joseph was born into a proud military family in Brooklyn, New York, he has lived in Vicenza, Italy and Heidelberg, Germany before settling in Tucson Arizona. Joseph attended the University of Arizona, obtaining both his bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in International Security. While at the University of Arizona, Joseph worked for an intelligence unit for the Department of Homeland security targeting transnational criminal and terrorist organizations. Joseph quickly realized the need for compassionate and dedicated criminal and immigration attorneys to defend the rights of the accused. Joseph graduated Cum Laude from Arizona Summit Law School in December 2015, is licensed to practice law by the Supreme Court of Arizona.

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